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Rustic Chic Ideas to Try this Holiday Season

Fall is a favored season. Foliage and flora shift through a seasonal palette of green to vibrant warm hues that fade into muted earth tones. The trees become cathedrals, with patterns as timeless as they are fleeting. By mid-November, peak season is over – but our kitchens are teeming with harvest’s bounty, and the drive to make our homes extra delightful for the holidays kicks into high gear. Decor enthusiasts often turn to rustic-chic inspiration during the fall and winter months, and it’s no wonder – this timeless style celebrates the finer things in life with a laid back approach and sophisticated results. There are plenty of opportunities to get creative. Whether you lean into a minimalist, classical, vintage, or bohemian style – weaving rustic decor elements into your mantels and centerpieces creates an elegant allure for all your holiday festivities. Lucky for you, we’ve curated a tried-and-true collection of gorgeous accents to help you achieve your holiday goals.

Glimmer & Glow

We’ve expanded our signature mercury glass decor into two unique colors perfect for holiday centerpieces. Rustic Red is shimmery gold on the inside with a crimson copper surface. It pairs well with gourds, greenery, wood, tatting, lace, and mixed metallics. Antique White is an instant classic, and pairs beautifully with just about anything (much like silver or gold). Arranged on a table or mantel and lit with flickering candles or LED alternatives, these lovely candle holders elevate tabletops with a glimmer that glows like no other.

Twinkling Lights

Accent your evenings with enchanting fairy string lights. These whimsical strands create magical ambiance, especially when placed around or inside of glass decorations. If you're looking for affordable ideas, try upcycling your wine bottles with our imaginative cork lights and prepare to be dazzled by their glowing silhouettes filled with starlight.

Intricate Snowflakes

For instant drama that translates to high design inspiration, our expertly crafted snowflake paper lanterns cast a warm, inviting light and stunningly intricate shadows. Even if you decide to forgo including a light bulb or battery operated LED, you’ll find the ornate geometries of these artisan patterns elevate every room when hung on a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or placed on a mantel.

Versatile Ornaments

Nothing adds holiday flair quite like an ornament – just ask Jennifer Romans. These traditional tree-trimmings work beautifully sprinkled into tabletop centerpieces or hung from windows where they can shimmer in the sun. If you’re hosting a Friendsgiving or Christmas party, take some time and get creative as you embellish your home. These alluring baubles make festive styling a breeze once you start thinking outside the tree.

Planning on using Luna Bazaar accents to decorate this Thanksgiving? Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and share your creative spaces with the LB community!

Staircase feature: Country Living's Christmas in a Sophisticated Connecticut Farmhouse photo by John Gruen.

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