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Outdoor Living | Patio Goals

Spending time in the yard ensures an appreciation of spring, summer, and fall on a whole new level. No matter the size, shape, and texture of your outdoor space, there are a few tried and true decor tips sure to inspire impromptu get-togethers and cue quality time – from starlight to sunshine. So, spread your tapestries and pull up a lawn chair, we're ready to spill the goods on how to restyle and reach your patio goals.


Outdoor string lights are the quintessential must-have to up the ante of your exterior spaces. Affordable, rugged, and romantic – these charming strands of globe lights are weatherproof, with a vintage-inspired appeal that will never go out of style. Even during the day, these swooping cords add tranquility to gardens, verandas, and balconies. But come nightfall, you'll find these low-wattage bulbs glow with a shine akin to candlelight – adding tasteful radiance to casual evenings and twilight soirees.

Made in the Shade

Make sunny days sensational with the ultimate summer accessory – a parasol! Stylish and affordable, these handcrafted umbrellas are not only fabulous favors for parties and weddings, but also excellent personal fashion accessories that are always-in-vogue, and functional! Trust us, your skin and your friends will thank you for having these readily available in a basket by your entryway. And don't worry – if they get wet, leave them open to dry undercover before folding them up for storage, easy-peasy!

From Textiles to Tabletop

Tapestries are one of the most versatile decorative accents we offer. These vibrant textiles make lovely picnic blankets, bodacious beach blankets, or gorgeous tablecloths. Match them to your favorite votive candle holders and hurricane lanterns, and viola! You've set the mood for luxurious outdoor lounging.

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