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Going to College in 2020

Luna Bazaar

This year has been nothing short of a major plot twist in our daily lives. For those pursuing academia, it’s a different challenge that will bring an entirely new experience for most students. With that being said, why not take this opportunity to make your space an area you will revel to be in.

Luna Bazaar Decorative Accents

Desks and “dorm” rooms will be used for more than just collecting personal flair, dirty laundry and the crumbs of food you leave when you’re in a rush – this space will be like a computer lab, library, noisy cafeteria (hopefully with better food!), as well as the place where you catch some sleep or enjoy your morning coffee. Why not make this space uniquely your own and something you’ll appreciate looking and being in throughout your year? We have some inspiration ideas to help make this time feel more calming and encouraging – especially when the world around us is anything but.

First of all, be prepared. Most, if not all colleges and universities are going require you to wear a face mask. Stock up and have a few available so that you’re never scrounging around for the piece of fabric to attach to your ears. Keep extras in your backpack, purse and car to make sure you’re never caught without.

Luna Bazaar Face Masks

Second, lighting is essential.If you’re going to be working a lot in a room where more likely than not, there will be those dreaded overhead florescent lights - it's time to take matters into your own hands and make lighting fun and functional. We have many options including string lights, pendant cords, decorative fairy lights and paper lantern shades to accent many light options. We also carry decorative light bulbs so you can create your own look.


Third, comfort. When spending so much time on the go sometimes you just want to come back and crash. Accent your space with a decorative tapestry. Hang on the wall as décor or use a bedspread overlay. Lightweight and easy to take on the go, you can use our tapestries as a blanket on the quad, grassy area or take to the beach when you just want to get out of those four confining walls.


Fourth, bling. Now, while this isn’t a necessity, it makes life oh so nice. Decorate your desk or windowsill with our mercury glass, trinket boxes, vases and glass candle holders. Use them to hold pens, jewelry, battery operated tealight candles or anything else you can think of! They come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to fit whatever look you’ve decided on for your space.

Table Top Decor

Fifth and foremost, stay healthy. Regardless of how you decorate and use your space, stay healthy in all ways - mind, body and spirit. These are trying times and we’re all trying to better ourselves while keeping a sense of normalcy. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those near you for help whether it’s for studies, physical, mental or emotional support.

Those of us at Luna Bazaar want to wish you or your loved one the best of luck going into this school season!

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