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We now offer Pre-Ordering!

We now offer Pre-ordering!
How COVID changed shopping and what we're doing to help our customers

At the start of 2020 we all were thrown into a shocking situation which has unfolded and continuously changed over the last 12+ months. From lock downs, to quarantines, to lack of toilet paper and so much more...we've all had a huge adjustment on how we live our lives. That especially applies to how shopping has changed and is continuing to evolve.

At the start of COVID, we were experiencing massive shortages of home and health goods like toilet paper, antibacterial items, faces masks, gloves, etc... Now, as we are moving forward and businesses are reopening, we're going to feel the effects of the delays that happened in the past year. When everything shut down, production of goods morphed into producing those items that were a priority, leaving others on the back burner until it was safe to restart producing existential items.
Now that factories, workers and shipping are starting to get back into the groove of things, we're now facing a new issue. Back log.

Orders for goods that were placed back at the end of last year had to stop being produced and so that means, that any order placed recently is most likely in a long list of unfulfilled orders. Same goes with items that are being shipped - shipping delays and back logged shipments are creating quite a havoc for companies all around the world.
Last but not least, delivery ports are being bombarded because of everyone needing supplies at the same time...So, with a lot of things be effected by the trickle down effect of COVID - Luna Bazaar is trying as hard as possible to make sure you, our customers, are in the know and have access to items you may need.

Luna Bazaar's NEW Pre-Order System

We are now offering Pre-Orders! We have changed our website to allow pre-orders on specific items that are expected in our next shipment(s).
Pre-ordered items will have a "Pre-Order" flag on the main category picture

Pre-order Flag Message

and will also have information shown on the ordering button with a date.

Pre-order message

This way, you can see what items are due in our next upcoming deliveries and you will have the chance to pre-order specific items.
Demand is really high for some things given that cancelled weddings, anniversaries and other events are now being rescheduled - so we thought it best to be more transparent and to help give our customers a little more peace of mind. Here is a collection of Items Coming Soon.

How Pre-Ordering works

  • When you add any pre-order items to your cart and checkout, your entire order will be held until all items are ready for shipment. If you need any of the instock items before the latest pre-ordered item date, we'd recommend that you place a separate order for instock items. This way, product currently available will be shipped to you right away. A message during checkout will be displayed to remind you of this.
    Pre-order cart message
  • The entire amount will be charged at the time you place your order. The reason we do this is to make sure all of those items are designated to YOUR order, no one else's.
  • Order updates will be emailed to you as we have them. Our customer service team will be working hard to keep you updated on the timeliness of your shipment or any delays that might occur. If for any reason, you have concerns or questions, you can always email us at or call us at 650-830-5751

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