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Paper Lanterns in All Shapes & Sizes

Luna Bazaar offers premium paper lanterns in various sizes and colors. From event decor to home adornments, our paper lanterns are the perfect ambient lighting choice for any setting. Our handcrafted lanterns are exceptional quality and easily bring instant charm to any space.

Looking for a specific type of paper lantern? Use the filters to find any shape, including round, square, star, oval, bulb, cocoon, and beehive. Our lanterns are also available in over 100 signature solid colors that match across our other product lines - paper hand fans, paper parasols, paper straws, and tissue paper pom-poms, so you can really complete the look for your party decor!

Weddings are a joyous occasion and the perfect opportunity to display your unique style. Luna Bazaar offers color schemes and sizes to accommodate any look. Many of our Luna Bazaar brides use our paper lanterns as a chic way to effortlessly decorate their wedding venue, and Luna Bazaar has been recognized as Martha Stewart Wedding's Choice for Paper Lanterns.

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