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Flag Pennant Banners

In fact, that’s just a small sampling of possible uses for these bold and vibrant pennant flags, since they’re highly visible from a distance and look very festive. You can choose from flag bunting banners in solid colors, mixed color designs, burlap pennant banners and special holiday themed pennant banners with appropriate colors and/or bold messages. For a baby shower, we have appropriate hanging sign decorations, and you can wish all our guests the very best at holiday themed pennant banners for New Year’s Eve parties, holiday get-togethers, Easter celebrations and more.
The flag pennants come in sets at amazingly low prices, so you can create a festive environment at your home or party venue while still staying within your budget. At Luna Bazaar, we also offer fast shipping, so you’ll can create the perfect setting for your special occasion right away. We have many colors and styles to coordinate with your other party décor. In addition to these banners, you can find many other kinds of party decorations, such as treat bags, balloons, paper streamers, stickers, tassels and much more.
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