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School & Classroom Décor

Kids are drawn to colors and shapes and when you decorate with hanging decorations for classroom, you'll capture their attention. Our collection of classroom decorations includes chalkboard garland, banners, pom poms, honeycomb balls, and hanging paper lanterns. We have an extensive inventory of paper lanterns in a seemingly endless assortment of colors, sizes and shapes. Shop classic round, stars, accordion-style and animal face DIY kits. There are so many clever ways to use our hanging Décor and paper lanterns. Drape garlands around bulletin boards and windows; hang different colored paper lanterns above each table or work station; get creative and group different sizes to use during your lesson on the solar system; have children decorate them as part of an arts and crafts project. Use them all year or hang them up on special occasions such as each student's birthday. For an unforgettable schoolyear, turn to Luna Bazaar.com as your source for transforming your classroom into the most awesome room in the entire school.
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