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Multi Socket Lamp Cord Kits for Lanterns

After you've looked through the Luna Bazaar's vast selection of paper lanterns, star lanterns, silk lanterns, flower balls and Mason jar lighting and chosen the perfect set of lights for your event, you'll need to find a way to power them. The best way to power your new lanterns is with our multi-socket lamp cord kits for lanterns. These lamp cord kits use only one outlet to hang multiple lanterns. Each cord is 17 or 19 feet long and usually has three bulbs attached to the end, making them perfect for hanging multiple paper lanterns.

These high-quality multi-socket lamp cord kits support a standard type A bulb, so there's no need to go searching for fancy, hard to find bulbs to light your lamps. The lamp cords are also meant to hang, making them the perfect option for lanterns and event lighting. There are options for every size of party or event and number of lanterns that need to be hung. These triple-socket light lamp cords from the Luna Bazaar come in single packs or in bulk. Bulk packs contain six light cord kits, which makes a total of 18 sockets for hanging 18 lanterns. Choose from a variety of different colors, as well. We carry white, black, copper, gold and more.

Order your multi-socket lamp cord kits from the Luna Bazaar today and we'll process your order quickly the next day. We also offer very competitive prices and love to run promos and discounts for even more savings. Each product we ship out is also inspected for quality and accuracy, so you'll be sure to receive exactly what you were expecting each time. If you do have any issues or simply need some advice for your party or wedding planning, call, email or instant message our dedicated support staff. They're always happy to help in all event planning matters.
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