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Paper Lantern Centerpieces the Easy Way

  • by admin
  • 3 min read

There are so many ways to make paper lantern centerpieces, it’s  overwhelming! I’ve surveyed the landscape and narrowed it down for you. If you want paper lantern centerpieces that sit on a table, that are lit up, and hold flowers, then this is all you need to do:

Select a Paper Lantern

Although lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, the standard round paper lantern is the most versatile. It has its own internal metal expander which gives the lantern its shape.

A smaller size is better. No one wants to hunt through a jungle of plants and lights to find their wine glass! Don’t use 10-inch lanterns unless you have very large tables. The best sizes are 6″ or 8″.  Picture a cantaloupe to get a sense of the 6-inch paper lantern.

I leave the color up to you. You are sure to find what you are looking for in our selection of over 60 colors!

Get the Paper Lantern Centerpiece to Stand Up on Its Own

Most paper lanterns have a metal expander that gives the lantern its shape. The expander extends past the opening at the bottom of the lantern. It sticks out just enough to make the lantern wobble. You want your paper lantern centerpieces to stand still! How to solve this dilemma? All you need is Scotch tape, a pen, and a strip of construction paper. The idea is to tape the lantern to the table and wrap a strip of paper around bottom like a cuff. Here’s how:

1. Place a piece of tape across the bar of the metal extender that sticks out of the opening in the bottom of the paper lantern. This will be used later.

2. Chose construction paper that is close to the same color as the paper lantern. Cut the paper in a strip 1/4 inch wide, 9 inches long. This size works for either 6″ or 8″ lanterns.

3. Make a paper cuff or base by bending the paper strip into a circle, as though you were making a bracelet. Tape the ends together.

4. Position the paper base on the table where you want the paper lantern to be placed.

5. Lower the lantern onto the paper base, centering it. At this point you want to press down on the tape, but there’s no way to do it with your fingers, so use a pen. Insert the pen into the top opening of the lantern and push down on the tape a few times. The lantern is now held in place. No wobbling.

Placing Flowers in Paper Lantern Centerpieces

If you place flowers in your paper lantern centerpieces, they have to be lightweight. If they are too heavy they may tip the lantern over. Dried or paper flowers are recommended. They are light and they complement the rice paper of the lantern. Silk flowers may be used, but cut flowers requiring water will not work

How to Light Paper Lantern Centerpieces

The perfect solution is to hang battery-operated LED lights inside the lantern.

Choose one, two, or three-bulb LED lights. They come in four colors: clear, amber, blue and red. Tie the string on the light around the metal extender bar at the top of the lantern. You can position the light to hang in the middle or higher or lower in the lantern. Whatever height you chose, be sure to tie each light at the same height in each lantern for a clean, uniform look.

There you have it: Easy Paper Lantern Centerpieces. The answer to your centerpiece puzzle.

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