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Metal Lanterns – Nautical, Floral, and Whimsical

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

The most popular metal lanterns today are decorative little ones that were inspired by more hefty lanterns designed to withstand raging hurricanes on rocky shores. Let’s hope that’s not a metaphor for marriage. Our metal lanterns are prettier and lighter, and they’re meant to light the way to happiness, not to stand up to high winds and torrential rain

We have two types of metal lanterns: the hurricane lanterns made of aluminum, and the intricate wire lanterns that are lined with linen.

The small metal hurricane lanterns have glass windowpanes and stand about 4 3/4 inches tall. We have an assortment of colors designed to complement our paper lanterns and parasols and other products. Luna Bazaar metal lantern colors are: Silver, White, Bubble Gum Pink, Orange, Chartreuse Green, Turquoise Blue, and Black.

You don’t need a nautical setting nor a lighthouse to enjoy these metal lanterns. They are showing up everywhere: hanging from church pews at weddings, lighting up outdoor parties from tree branches, lining a walkway at home or at a wedding venue, or serving as a centerpiece.

What you may NOT have seen everywhere are the wire lanterns below that have just arrived at Luna Bazaar. They can be used anywhere you would use the metal lanterns above, as they are of comparable weight and size. Rather than take their inspiration from the sea, however, they have an exotic, antique, Eastern look. The body of the lantern is shaped by wire that is twisted by hand into abstract floral patterns. It is then lined with colored linen fabric.

Like our hurricane lanterns, the wire lanterns are also available in colors that coordinate with our paper lanterns, parasols and fans. Our latest colors are: Fuchsia Pink, Grass Green, Ice Blue, Lilac Purple, Avocado Green, Orange, and Ivory.

Perhaps the prettiest of our wire lanterns is this delicate floral-patterned one.

Wire Lantern with Blue Peony print linen lining.

We recommend using flameless candles in our metal lanterns. They are battery-operated LED lights that look like tea lights. If you burn real candles in the metal lanterns you will end up with smokey, black windowpanes and a lump of melted wax at the bottom of the lantern. These lanterns are designed to be decorative; they’re not the heavy, safety lanterns you would use in a storm. If they were, they would NOT be very pretty.

Instead of candles use these:

Battery-operated LED Tea Lights
Easy to turn on and off.

Battery-operated LED Tea Light
Looks almost exactly like a wax tea light.

The battery in each light lasts for 15+ hours. For a full description click here.

If nautical or exotic floral is not what you are after, take a look at these whimsical styles and colors of metal lanterns and find your inspiration:

Flower Design Metal Lantern in Orange
For Halloween mix black and orange lanterns.

Star Design Metal Lantern in Turquoise Blue .

Classic Hurricane Lantern in Bright, Chartreuse Green

For more metal lantern choices see our full collection in our online store here: Metal Lanterns at Luna Bazaar. Have fun decorating!

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