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Wedding Favors and Decorations: Place Card Holders Can Serve as Both

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

This is a win-win: you’re going to decorate your tables at your reception, and you’re going to thank your guests for attending by giving them wedding favors, so why not do both simultaneously? It’s easy when wedding favors and decorations both serve the same purpose.

What are the choices for Wedding Favors and Decorations? Top of the list is an assortment of gorgeous place holders that any of your guests would be happy to take home with them. Any place where you can insert a place card, you can insert a personal photo, making place card holders a useful gift.

Place Card Vases

Get three for the price of one with this idea for wedding favors and decorations. Small, clear glass vases complement just about any setting, and allow you to add a floral touch without buying a whole bouquet. These vases also have a slot for inserting a place card. Without doubt, your guests would would be very pleased to receive this little vase as a gift.

In addition to the Glass Heart design below, we have vases in Glass Ball designs in varying sizes, and an Egg Shape Design. See our clear glass place card vases here.

Heart-Shaped Glass Place Card Vase

Crystal Place Card Holders

Crystal Place Card Holders
Go for the glitz! Our crystal place card holders will add sparkle to your table without overwhelming it. Each one is made of brilliantly cut optic solid glass crystal.  After the party, insert a favorite photo and it can grace a spot in a bedroom or living room. You can see all of our crystal place card holder designs – Pyramid, Prism, Round and Oval – here. The Oval design below is 2 1/4 inches tall, approximately the size of an egg.

Crystal Place Card Holder and Decoration

Bejeweled Place Card Holders

A really memorable wedding favor is one of our enameled, bejeweled place card holders. Like a piece of jewelry for your table, our bejeweled place card holders come in a number of styles – flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, cats, stars and abstract.

Bejeweled Dragonfly Place Card Holder with Enamel and Rhinestones

Attractive, multi-purpose place card holders should be considered, but they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ideas for wedding favors and decorations. Hand Fans, Vintage Glass Bottles, Vases, Trinket and Favor Boxes, and all manner of Candle Holders can double as wedding favors and decorations for your special day.

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