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Wedding Decorations – A Survey, Inspired by Autumn Colors

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

You’re searching for Wedding Decorations and today is the first day of Autumn. Let me show you a selection of wedding decorations from our collection in an assortment of colors inspired by the season.

Autumn Hues from Luna Bazaar

Everyone who knows Luna Bazaar, knows that we have a huge selection of paper lanterns. We’ve always had the colors people think of as Autumn colors, that is, Red, Yellow, Orange. But we also have fashion colors you won’t find anywhere else because they’re custom-designed by our own in-house color
expert. To begin your selection of wedding decorations choose paper lanterns in our exclusive colors: Tea, Mango, Cinnamon, and Boysenberry. Tea is a darker, more subtle shade of yellow. Mango is a richer, intense orange, while Cinnamon is a warm, red-brown. Boysenberry adds a royal touch of purple to dark red.

Continue exploring wedding decorations that match the colors of the paper lanterns. Paper parasols add so much flair to a wedding. On the popularity scale of wedding decorations, parasols keep moving up. Our paper parasols are as small as 12 inches across, which is a perfect size for little wedding attendees. Keep this in mind, as it is often a challenge to find wedding decorations that make children feel included.

You may not think of paper fans held in the hand as wedding decorations, but the overall look of your wedding will be enhanced if your guests have colorful folding fans in their hands. You will find a wide selection of hand fans in the autumn color palette.

Moving on to wedding decorations for the table, let’s look at centerpieces. If you do not want to foot the bill for elaborate floral centerpieces on each table, Hurricane Candle Lanterns are a very popular alternative that are a lot less costly. For an autumn setting the best option would be to use Silver and Black as neutral colors. A novel idea is to replace the centerpiece altogether with Vintage Glass Bottles. You only need a few or even one flower in each to complete the look of your table.

Good luck in selecting your wedding decorations and enjoy the season!

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