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Hurricane Candle Holders – Indoors or Out

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Hurricane Candle Holders have evolved into one of the most popular decorations available. Not limited to weddings, they make appearances in tree branches at outdoor parties and on table-tops at indoor parties.

If you’ve decided you want to use hurricane candle holders, you have quite a job in front of you. There are so many choices! Let me sort them out for you. To clear up any confusion, on our site, “Hurricane Candle Holders” are the same as “Hurricane Candle Lanterns”.

First of all, you want your hurricane candle holders to look decorative, not functional. That is, you don’t want it to weigh five pounds, be made of heavy steel, and look like it was made for weathering a real  hurricane. Our hurricane candle holders are lightweight and stand about 5″ tall. Perfect for hanging from the end of a pew or the back of a chair.

Second, you probably don’t want a hurricane candle holder in that shade of green that reminds you of disastrous family camping trips. This is where Luna Bazaar comes to the rescue. We have really cute colors for weddings and parties. We have colors that are currently popular so they coordinate with your other party decorations – be it a Halloween party or an outdoor birthday party.

Small Hurricane Candle Holders from Luna Bazaar

Here are the colors in our collection of little

hurricane candle holders: Silver, White, Bubble Gum Pink, Orange, Chartreuse Green, Turquoise Blue, and Black.

Third: You don’t want to buy lanterns that don’t go with your other event decorations. No worries: choose any of the colors above and you will find flower vases and other accessories for your table in colors that coordinate with your hurricane candle holders. For example, these vintage glass bottles from our collection complement the turquoise hurricane candle holder above. Here are some of the matching vintage vases you can find at Luna Bazaar:

Vintage Glass Bottles are available
in colors that coordinate with your other decorations.

In addition to colors that fit in with your decorating concept, our hurricane candle holders come in different styles that fit with your theme.

Whimsical, Girl-y, Flower Design
Hurricane Candle Holder.

Star Design Hurricane Candle Holder in Chartreuse
coordinates with many chartreuse decorations
available from Luna Bazaar.

Traditional or Classic Design Hurricane Candle Holder in Turquoise. Not to be confused with the traditional 5-lb. Boy Scout lantern!

Round Hurricane Candle Lantern in Silver

The Silver and Black Hurricane Candle Holders from Luna Bazaar are perhaps the most authentic-looking. If you are going for a more understated color scheme, or if you don’t want the lantern colors to compete with other colors you are using, chose the black or silver lanterns in round or classic designs.

Last but not least, if you are planning a wedding, you want hurricane candle holders that look like they belong at a wedding! Yes, we do have white:

Small White Hurricane Candle Lanterns starting at $5.50.
Even less when you order a dozen or more.

Note: The tea lights in these lanterns are powered by LEDs and last more than 15 hours. Very realistic-looking, our LED tea lights are the best choice for a safe, care-free wedding or other event!

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