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The Mystique of Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass objects are riddled with gorgeous imperfections that interact with light and dazzle the eye with a unique radiance. From the original pieces of the antique era to the affordable modern reproductions we are familiar with today, we are captivated by the beautiful inconsistencies that emanate from the surface of each piece.

Luna Bazaar offers a variety of gorgeous Mercury Glass Vases in both Silver and Gold.  Photo by Luna Bazaar.‘s elegant use of a Silver Mercury Glass Vase.

Mercury Glass goblets, vases and candlesticks were first produced in the forests of Bohemia circa 1840, around the area now known as the Czech Republic. 

The silvered glass sensation quickly moved west and became very popular as it’s production increased in Bohemia, England and the U.S. during the 19th Century. 

Many antique historians agree that the glassware produced during this period represents the exploration and development of the first glass art form.

The shimmering ornamental ware was originally manufactured by hand. The glass was blown with double walls and then sealed after coating the enclosed surface of the inner wall with a metallic layer (which, contrary to popular belief, never contained mercury).

The pontil, or the opening at the bottom which allowed access to the the inside of the double wall, was sealed with wax or a cork to prevent air from degrading the painted surface.

Over time many antique pieces with damaged pontil were admired and regarded for their antiqued look.  Luna Bazaar has adapted this appearance, recognizing the the reflective quality of the finish enhances the natural brilliance of candlelight.

Architecture- Inspired Austin Wedding.  Photograph by

Centerpiece via Project Wedding.  Photo by

Pictured above we see the Silver Mercury Glass Vase Bubble Design looking lovely in a gorgeous ceterpiece arrangement by Petal Pushers.  Photo courtesy of

Silver and Gold Christmas tree featuring ornaments from Luna Bazaar.  Photo and design by Alesya Opelt of Alesya Bags.

sthetic of Mercury Glass adds a classical elegance to any occasion, and is particularly well suited for the winter holidays.  Luna Bazaar has been careful in the selection and expansion of inventory to establish a timeless modern appeal encouraged by vintage-inspired designs.  Such attention to detail is essential for those looking to develop a unique personal vision while designing weddings, production, events and interior décor.

Photo courtesy of Petalena.

Photo by

Mercury glass can be combined with flora, paper lanterns, tissue paper decorations, pom pomsand other styles of glassware when creating exclusive looks for centerpieces tablescapes and mantles. 

Pictured left we see a Dreamy Candlelight Spring Wedding designed by Petalena. This soft, shimmery Table-scape features some signature Luna Bazaar pieces; including (from left to right) the Gold Mercury Glass Tealight Holder (verticle motif),

the Ice Blue Embossed Glass Candle Holder & Vase (fleur de lis), and the Gold Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder (liquid motif).

No matter what your occasion or application, the Mystique of Mercury Glass is sure to leave a shining impression on your guests, family and friends.  Make the most of your winter and let the season shimmer with the warmth of gold, silver and colored Mercury Glass available at here at Luna Bazaar. ~

Take a look at this inspirational Winter Holiday Soiree via Snippet & Ink.  Photos by Katie at Open Air Photography. You can find similar Mercury Glass Vases, Candle Holders and Ornaments here at Luna Bazaar.

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