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Napkin Rings~ Creative Folds

~With our brand new Napkin Ring
inventory rolling in, I decided to look into the various ways people
use these lovely little table accessories to make the most of their
dinner parties, luncheons and events.~

This origami inspired Fleur De Lis fold requires a napkin ring to maintain its loveliness.

Occasionally referred to as Serviette Rings, Napkin Rings will add elegance to any table scape.  The variety offered here at Luna Bazaar can be matched with our place card holders, vases and candle holders to create delicious table decorations.

Large Gold Paisley Jewel Napkin Ring

Silver Jewel Napkin Ring

Since the inception of the napkin ring sometime during the 1830’s,
hundreds of napkin folds have been developed to accessorize the
traditional artistry of folding innovation.

This post  features some wonderful folds that, with the compliment of a napkin ring, make a beautiful introduction to any formal or domestic meal.  Each photo features a link to a site with step by step directions for recreating these mini masterpieces.

Take a look!~

Another take on the Fleur De Lis fold featuring our Ivory Capiz Napkin Ring.  Photo by Maia Bissette.

My coworker Amanda redesigned the Crown Fold using our Gold Swirl Jewel Napkin Ring.  Photo by Maia Bissette.

From left to right: The Ivy Fold featuring our Silver Pear Napkin Ring, A Classic Ring Fold accessorized by our Silver Swirl Jewel Napkin Ring (also available in gold), and The Pineapple Fold accented with our Small Silver Paisley Jewel Napkin Ring (also available in gold).  Photography by Maia Bissette.

Napkin folding is a luxury art that developed in Europe during the
Renaissance and Baroque periods.  These incredible techniques originally
used by the Royal Family, Imperials and Bourgeois to display their
wealth during banquets has been studied and revived by the Catalonian Modern
Master, Joan Sallas.
The extraordinary folding feats practiced by Sallas are often likened
to Japanese origami, although the methods he has researched originated
from Europe.

Our Silver Heart Jewel Napkin Ring, also available in gold, being used as a curtain back.  Photo By Maia Bissette

 Jen from i heart organizing uses a napkin ring with a dish towel.

When you are shopping Luna Bazaar for objects to beautify your home, Napkin Rings are rather versatile as decorative accessories.
One may consider using them to garnish a table centerpiece, as a hair
accessory, or by attaching ribbons and hooks to create tree ornaments.
They also work well as a curtain back for a light curtain.  With heavier
curtains and towels they work great as a way to fashion the drape by
sliding the ring up from the bottom so it hugs the center of the
fabric (pictured left).
If you’ve ever considered making a light bulb vase, you could use a variety of our rings to support the bulb so that it sits nicely on the table.

These DIY recycled light bulb vases would look lovely resting on the Silver Napkin Ring, the Ivory Capiz Napkin Ring, the Silver Concave Napkin Ring, the Hammered Silver Napkin Ring, or the Silver Scrolling Napkin Ring; which are all featured products of Luna Bazaar.  If you are creating a table scape you may consider mixing it up with one or two of each!  When you tire of the vases the rings can return to their intended function, very eco-chic!
Another wonderful way to use our Jeweled and Silver Napkin Rings is to wrap them into a bouquet.  Simply slide the ring up over the stems and wrap with the fabric of your choice; silk, lace, ribbon and burlap all offer a lovely interaction with the glamorous, brooch-like quality of our affordable Napkin Rings.

Needless to say, these luxurious artifacts will prove their worth in all manner of decor.

Photo by Hanna from Charming Recycling.

Beautiful Jeweled Bouquet Wraps via Luna Bazaar’s Pinterest.  Original sources~ Aileen Tran Event Stylist(left and right) and Heavenly Blooms (center).

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