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Indoor Gardens in a Snap

Succulents are some of the most resilient plant species, known for surviving and thriving with – or without – any TLC.

Our glass terrariums and apothecary jars make perfect vessels for housing indoor gardens – from interesting tablescapes to refreshing additions on bookshelves or window sills. We love displaying them in clusters – but they also offer beauty in a row or standing solo.

For anyone who has a hands-off relationship with plants, this is your ticket. Draw from our collection of stylish glass terrarium vessels– and start planting!

Create and nurture adorable glass gardens with miniature orchids and daffodils. These colorful lovelies have been carefully nested in Apothecary Jars and Recycled Glass.

Enliven your interiors with terrarium fernbeds by layering pebbles under charcoal and soil to provide proper drainage for your little green chums.

Hand blown and made of 100% recycled glass, these vessels are not only beautiful to the eye but kind to the environment. Offered in a lush spectrum of jewel tones and featuring the lovable imperfections inherent in recycled glass, these items are both versatile and genuinely unique. Notable characteristics include bubbles trapped inside the glass and slightly hammered finish resulting in a beachy and vintage appeal. Use as terrariums, tea-light candle holders or versatile vases.

Our unique collection of Glass Apothecary Jars are inspired by centuries-old European pharmacy jars traditionally used for storing medicinal herbs. Offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are well sized to hold everything from candy, to keepsakes, fresh flowers, seashells, soaps, cotton balls and more. They also make delightful vessels for DIY terrariums and indoor gardening!

An essential element for rustic-chic decorating. Our collection steps away from the ordinary, borrowing inspiration from some of our favorite jelly and preserve jars. Perfect for centerpieces and wedding favors. Hang several together to make your own chandelier. Fill them with flowers during the day and with candles at night. Layer with pebbles under charcoal and soil to pot darling succulents. Cluster together to create beautiful indoor terrarium gardens.

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