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Fifty Shades of Blue

There’s something romantic about blue – blue sky, blue ocean, blue eyes, blue anything. We got the blue bug years ago when we realized how fundamental it is in design. You can apply blue to almost any pillow, bedspread, piece of art, lamp – and it works.

So not only does it “feel” good to be surrounded in blue, it saves time and headaches because it just gets along with everyone else in the room!

Brighten up a tired space or add some texture to make something blah…a little more interesting. Blue is nothing less than a sure thing.

A mindful mix of luxe, hand-painted and recycled glass candleholders clustered together… let your blue light shine.

Create a space that nurtures your inner sense of harmony with the transformative power of our awe-inspiring and oversized scenic wall tapestries.

This colorful pillow cover is printed by hand in Jaipur, India, in the centuries old craft of block printing. The traditional patterns we’ve chosen are created using a virtual puzzle of hand carved wooden blocks, the making of which is an art in itself, as an individual block is need for each color in the design. Just imagine the skill involved! Each block is dipped in a different color and carefully pressed to the fabric, this process is repeated to create the complete pattern. Once finished, the fabrics are laid in the hot Indian sun to dry before being tailored into the pillow covers you see here.

Elevate your home decor or event venue with ethereal blue bottles and vases, delightful for displaying fresh cut flowers. Including this pear-shaped beauty: hand blown and made of 100% recycled glass, these vessels are not only beautiful to the eye but kind to the environment. Offered in a lush spectrum of jewel tones and featuring the lovable imperfections inherent in recycled glass, these items are both versatile and genuinely unique. Notable characteristics include bubbles trapped inside the glass and slightly hammered finish resulting in a beachy and vintage appeal.

Transform your home with true blue tapestries and wall art. Choose from a variety of styles, including skillfully batiked wall-hangings handcrafted by Indonesian artisans. Take some time to explore our carefully curated selection of designs drawn from the cultural traditions of their source, such as legendary tree of life and sacred mandala art, sure to bring peace and tranquility to any space.

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