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Free To Dwell in Tulum

I look outside and watch the endless snow drift. I pull my cashmere throw tighter around me and sip on my steaming chai tea. Enduring the colder months here in the North East can be

challenging. The struggle is real… yet let me take you on a little journey, to a place where you can escape these sub-degree temperatures and shoveling duties, at least for a little while. Come get lost in the mystical vibe of Tulum!

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I recently escaped to the Mayan Riveria where I discovered the eco-chic village of Tulum. With the mega lush tropical forests, pristine white sand beaches, and beautiful turquoise water; this village, located about an hour and a half south of Cancun, is bewitching. This magical place is romantic, eco-artistic, and spontaneous. There is a gorgeous blend of folks from all around the world pursuing pleasure and wellness amid the golden Caribbean sun.

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Referred to by many as a bohemian wonderland, Tulum truly illuminates the bohemian lifestyle. With natural & rustic architecture, there is a harmonious balance between civilization and nature that is truly palpable. This balance provokes you to recenter and recalibrate. Tulum is a place of revitalization for the mind, body, & spirit. Once you taste the energy, culture, & vibe you will be forever spellbound.

Tulum has an interesting and alluring paradox, as it is many things to many people. For $10 a night you can camp on the beach in a little camping community awash with yoga instructors, kite-surfing instructors, reiki healers, travelers, & escapists. Or, from $250-$1000 a night you can find yourself in a private candlelit beach bungalow. These contrasting worlds collide seamlessly in one village, and it is wonderful.

Traces of incense dance and move through the air, with the faint sound of waves crashing and the local reggae band influencing the mood. Roam your way to some shopping, site seeing, & flavor discovery. Stop by the local taco stand or converted VW bus and nosh on tacos, or dine in at any of the open air restaurants along the way.

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There is no war here between light and dark, or mind and heart. It all goes together. You feel connected to people and things in ways that you may not fully realize. Many healers say that Tulum is an energy vortex. It has a strong electromagnetic field that to some draws out a consciousness. You are co-existing among some of the most beautiful natural systems and it is no wonder that wellbeing is catered to holistically. With a plethora of spiritual pursuits, you may dive into the vibrational healing of Tulum with any spiritual endeavor including meditation, yoga, chanting, massage, and more.

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If your not really into spiritual reconnection– thats cool, too. Sometimes all you really need is to soak up the sun, and Tulum offers many beachside options where adult beverages are served in coconuts, and the warm ocean waves are just a few steps away.TIPS:

Be prepared for your trip and use cash if possible. A lot of the restaurants are cash only, and they accept the US dollar, but it will be easier with pesos.

To get around you can rent a bike, take a taxi or choose public transportation (vans or buses). Bikes are a very popular and are an inexpensive way to get around the Hotel Zone. Even though the hotel zone is one lane road, we never had issues with parking.

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Tulum in its entirety consists of a number of areas: the pueblo or town centre, the zona hotelera (The Hotel Zone) along the beach, the ancient ruins and the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. For a newcomer, Tulum is divided into three different areas: the Hotel Zone, the Town and the Archaeological Zone. In the hotel zone, there are some of the most beautiful white sand beaches on the Caribbean coast. The village {or Town} of Tulum and the Hotel Zone are about 3km apart. The Hotel Zone is distinguished by its simple architecture, which validates a profound respect for the environment: thatch roofs, open air restaurants, rustic cabins and small hotels. The village was built in harmony with the beauty of its natural surroundings.

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