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Valentine's Day DIY Card

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you a simple yet lovely DIY Valentine’s Day card! This DIY project won’t take you more than a half-hour and will be sure to make your loved one feel very special.

Here is what you will need to complete your very own Valentine’s Day Moon card!

-Watercolor & brushes

-Heavy duty paper or watercolor paper

-Oil Pastels

-Masking tape (I used scotch because I’m out)

-Water/Paper towel for blotting


First start by folding your paper in half and crease down the middle.

Then, if you would like to customize the card size cut an inch off the top and the side.

Next, tape around the sides very gently to give the card a framed look.

Note: Try not to press down too hard if you are using scotch tape!

Start out by drawing a circle just above the center mark with your white oil paste.

You can push down hard on the pastel once you have your circle made and are happy with the size. Be sure to fill in all the space where you want your moon to be. You want the white oil pastel to look a little mushy.

Once you have finished your white moon, continue with the white pastel and start making stars all around the top 3/4 of the card. Add white specs and as many stars as you want!

Underneath the moon, write your message. I found it easier to use the sharp edge of the pastel to get cleaner lines.

Then, take your gray pastel and start making little circles to add texture to your moon. I added the gray circles and then went over them in white to blend.

Next, get your watercolor ready…

Test on the paper towel for your desired color and rock and roll!

May you have a love filled Valentine’s Day! For romantic gift and décor ideas Click Here!

❤︎ Celebrate LOVE ❤︎ by lunabazaar

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