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With Love From Mexico

Luna contributor Leah Forester celebrates her Mexican heritage at the table on the regular. Here, she get’s creative with a global style sensibility, using our handcrafted Indian Tree of Life Tapestry as the foundation for a beautiful Mexican Feast.

You can’t help but surrender to the exquisite inspiration felt when exploring the art and traditions of Mexican culture. From the vibrant and transcendent color palette of revered artist Frida Kahlo to the ceremonial patterns in Papel Picado banners handcrafted by an artisan’s chisel, you are instantly transported to a world layered in warmth, texture, romance, and history. So leave your bags unpacked, you won’t have to travel far to infuse Mexico’s resilient spirit and bold aesthetic into your next fiesta.

Beyond Cinco de Mayo, there are numerous occasions worthy of transforming your space to host a lively celebration with friends, family, neighbors, tasty margaritas and mojitos!

We’ve crafted some colorful tips to compliment any traditional or contemporary Mexican inspired spread:

Set the Table

The meal is the heart of every gathering in Mexican culture and beyond. It’s where everyone comes together, pulsing with life and energy. Just as eclectic as the personalities on your guest list, you can add a playful mix of our Recycled Glass Vessels, Mason Jars, and our Punched Tin Shadow Lanterns to accessorize with your dinnerware. Brighten it up with some lime slices, loosely arranged flowers and our Papel Picado flags for a traditional element that evokes a festively cheerful ambiance.

Add Flowers

Adding floral elements serves as double-duty in the color and texture department. Artfully placing Paper Flowers and Pom-Poms around windows and doors, mixed into garlands and wreaths, or used in place settings will make a lively statement. Be sure to incorporate rich colors such as deep reds, oranges, and pinks with brilliant blues, greens, and purples for a dynamic and festive look. Our Multicolor Mexican Party Banner, handmade in the Papel Picado tradition, creates another colorful layer that pays homage to Mexico’s multi-faceted heritage.

Make a Surprising Drink

It’s always fun to get creative with fiesta cocktails by crafting a wickedly unique and memorable concoction. Border Grill Chef/Owners Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger have the perfect formula!


Combine the lime juice, sugar and mint in a blender, and puree until smooth.

Fill 2 tall glasses halfway with ice cubes, then pour half the juice concentrate in each. Add one ounce of rum to each glass (optional).

Top with sparkling water, garnish with lime and mint, and serve.


1/2 cup lime juice, freshly squeezed

1/3 cup sugar

1/2 cup mint leaf, packed

12 ounces sparkling water, cold lime slice (to garnish)

mint sprig (to garnish)

1 ounce rum

Featured Products

Decorative Banners

These traditional decorative paper banners are handmade by artisans in Mexico. In a craft called “Papel Picado,” the brightly colored tissue paper is hand-cut, using chisels and a top pattern as a guide. Although the tissue paper was originally brought to Europe from China and then to ‘New Spain’, the indigenous people of Mexico had already been using handmade paper, along with the tradition of cut decorative and ceremonial images for centuries.


A great way to add some extra love to your arrangements is to adorn vases with heart-shaped ornaments. Our mercury glass ornament selection is exceptionally elegant and shimmery, especially when light reflects off the antiqued metallic finish. When designing our tablescape we used brightly colored Baker’s Twine to embellish a variety of vases with these shining golden hearts.

Recycled Glass

Our recycled glass products are offered in a lush spectrum of jewel tones. Hand-blown and featuring the lovable imperfections inherent in recycled glass, these vessels and matching napkin rings are not only beautiful to the eye, but kind to the environment. Both versatile and genuinely unique. Notable characteristics include bubbles trapped inside the glass and a slightly hammered finish resulting in a beachy, vintage appeal.

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