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Wedding Planning Tips for The Newly Engaged

Every year, New Year's Eve brings all of us together on a night of epic celebration. The week leading up to it drives us to reflect on what has been and what will be, and we find ourselves meditating on the resolutions that will help us reach our goals. With all of this reflecting and gratitude, it's no wonder this time of year marks the peak of engagement season.

Today, newly engaged Luna contributor Maia Bissette shares her insights on what her focus will be in 2019 to ensure her wedding day planning is mindful, efficient and virtually stress-free.

"Having worked in the wedding decor industry for nearly a decade, I've become intimate with the ins and outs of planning for the big day. Before I dive into Pinterest where I'll be strategizing dress, venues, dining, and decor, I need to know what our wedding priorities are. This way, we can budget for what's essential and cut back on the things that we agree are less important."

Find Out What's Most Important to Your Fiancée

So, we agree that I'm the planner of the event (no surprise there!), but that doesn't mean the day is all about me. Since we've never planned a celebration of this magnitude together before, I'm going to share my top 5 priorities with him, and give him the opp to do the same. Rather than spring it on him, I'll be sure to provide him a solid week or so to assure he's had the chance to really think things through.

Seek Inspiration

Wedding inspiration on the web is staggering, so take some time to research top blogs and follow hashtags on Instagram to get familiar with the various communities of planners, florists, and vendors. Once you have a general idea of the landscape, hone in on the resources that genuinely speak to you and stick with them. Whenever you're feeling dry, stuck, or disenchanted, come back for a refresh. One of the best ways to collect what moves you is to pin your fav ideas to Pinterest. Consider what you'd like for lighting, decorations for the tables, photo backdrops, wedding favors, and signage.

Use A Planning App

This past summer I had the pleasure of attending a literally perfect wedding – truly such a joy to be a guest. The bride was her own planner, which I normally would not recommend (if you can afford a planner – do yourself a favor). I asked her if it was stressful and she said: "not at all, I used an app, which made it easy to keep track of everything." Apps will vary depending on your device, so do some research, read the reviews (good and bad), and try a couple for yourself before you go all in. Be sure there's only one left, with one account across all your devices – once you've landed on your tool of choice.

Choose Your Season

Many of your subsequent decisions will rely on this one. Weather possibilities, floral possibilities, color decisions, and what you'll wear – all depend on where you are and what time of year. Keep this in mind as you scour the web for ideas, but this choice is a big one for you and your beau. Most folks default to late spring or summer weddings, yet the dreamiest fall & winter weddings seem to bear significance for the brides & grooms to be. Take, for example, this one-of-a-kind Drive-In Wedding featuring an incredible couple, heart garlands, and dramatic pom pom swoops.

Scope Your Venue

Consider the comfort of your guests as you pine over venues. For me, it's essential to celebrate in a spacious area, both inside and out, and I'm keen on avoiding a tent rental. I've been to my share of torrential downpour weddings, and have witnessed first-hand the need to fall back on plan B. If you must rent a tent, make sure the place you put it is on high ground, ideally a flat spot, so that if an when the clouds burst the chance of flooding is slim. If you or your fiancée fair from some far-flung locale and your guest list has the means to travel, a destination wedding might be right for you. Case-in-point – this #wildandfree destination wedding full of darling bohemian decor details. In my case, however, local venues assure friends and family can attend. The area we live in is rural New England, so a farmhouse wedding with a large, finished barn for the reception is perfect for what I'm picturing.

Pick Your Palette

Short of a rainbow wedding, a limited color palette will act as a guiding light – but how to choose? The pillars of my wedding palette are the where and the when of my decisions thus far. My venue, my season, which florals are in season – which florals I can afford.. these considerations are helpful. But don't worry, there aren't any rules. You might choose to build your palette around a favorite painting, wedding dress, Pin, or Pantone's color of the year. If you're feeling lost, seek the help of a consultant, such as a wedding stationary designer, florist, or stylist.

Start Collecting Décor Early

This hot tip has been confirmed by real-life brides who planned their own weddings. Even if you have a planner, the method will go a long way in making your big day as darling as you've dreamed it would be. To me, the most notable elements of wedding decor include lighting, tabletop accents, photo backdrops, favors for your guests, paper lanterns, and other hanging decorations. What I inherently adore about Luna's decor offering is that our glass vases, candleholders, and drinking glasses pair beautifully with pieces that are genuinely vintage. With this in mind, I can spend the year thrifting and iteratively match to my go-to accents from Luna Bazaar's mercury glass and vintage pink collections. Starting this process early ensures I can be budget-savvy without cutting back too far on my vision.

Be Kind To Yourselves

Too often overlooked, this is quite possibly the most crucial piece of the puzzle in planning a wedding. Self-care, self-respect, and respect for your relationship are the three things that couples needn't sacrifice during the wedding planning process. Remember that this is a day to celebrate your betrothal – to each other – the occasion that marks the beginning of your future together. The last thing we want is to strain our future with excessive debt, and it's vital that the process of planning our commemoration be fun, relaxed, and compassionate. So, whenever we feel flustered, stressed, or pressured, take a step back and measure the cause against the values of your relationship. Priorities and plans can be changed to keep things as easy-breezy as possible. Remember we can always ask for help from family, friends, forums, or professionals before we strain the relationship with unrealistic or unnecessary goals.

What tips have you picked up in your experiences with weddings? Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and share your insights with the LB community!

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