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Wedding Candle Lanterns – A Trend Spotted!

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

“Let candle lanterns light the way!”
Photo: Long Island Weddings

Wedding Candle Lanterns have been showing up everywhere lately – church weddings, outdoor weddings, night weddings, day weddings – you name it. Many brides are opting out of the traditional bouquet of flowers at the end of the church pew, and hanging small lanterns instead. As bright and beautiful as flowers are, when the aisle is lit up by soft lights from wedding candle lanterns it fills the space with an unforgettable glow.

There are a variety of wedding candle lanterns available. The style shown lighting up the aisle in the picture above is our little hurricane lantern. It stands 4 3/4 inches high and has a metal handle. The lantern itself is metal, with panes of glass on the four sides. This lantern is very versatile because it is small enough to suspend from a ribbon, yet it makes enough of a statement to be used as a centerpiece. We have a choice of styles of wedding candle lanterns. They are all about the same size and weight. Our metal, little hurricane lanterns are available in these four styles:

Wedding Candle Lantern Styles: Top Left: Round Hurricane style in Black.
Top Right: Criss-Cross Hurricane style in Turquoise.
Lower Left: Flower Hurricane style in Bubble Gum.
Lower Left: Stars Hurricane style in Silver.

About the Sizes: These candle lanterns are all a little under 5 inches tall, except the Round style, which is 6 1/2 inches tall. In the picture above, the Flower style looks smaller because the handle is standing up, but it is the same size as the others.

How to Light Wedding Candle Lanterns Use these battery-operated flameless candles for hours of warm, flickering light without any of the dangers of lit, wax candles:

Realistic-looking battery-powered tea light

Battery-powered LED tea light

The flameless candle on top is a very realistic-looking LED light in a holder that looks just like a standard tea light. The light even flickers like a real flame! The battery that powers the LED light lasts for 15+ hours. The flameless candle on the bottom is a different style which is slightly bigger (pictures are not to scale!), but is a battery-powered LED lasting 15+ hours, like the one on the left. Some beautiful examples of wedding candle lanterns:

Alternating hanging candle lanterns and flowers.
Photo: AoifeLily

Another reason for using wedding candle lanterns to decorate if your wedding is going to be in a church: it will be easier for the groom to find his way to the altar! (With apologies to our male readers.)

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