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The Prowess of The Parasol

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

The single most overlooked party favor is the one most appreciated by guests. These memorable gifts aren’t just for parties – they’re a fabulous go-to accessory for any outing or occasion. The ever-useful-always-beautiful parasol keeps us cool before sundown, making sun worship safe – and enjoyable.

Unpredictable Fall:

From destination weddings to beachside strolls and birthday parties, revelers of any type love a no-hat-needed option for portable shade. With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to match parasols to your personalized look or party theme.

Our parasols perform in a variety of applications, from accessorizing the bridal party to composing DIY backdrops and creative canopy décor.

Lifestyle bloggers & Luna contributors Leah Forester and Charlotte Smith of Ciburbanity illustrate the prowess of the parasol in two unique ways. Leah and her daughter share a sweet, seaside moment on the balcony, while Charlotte vibrantly decorates her rustic barn shindig with parasols and paper lanterns cleverly strung from the rafters. She then illuminates her matching tablescape with crisscrossed globe string lights.

Proof-positive that when parasols deliver, people are happier. Skin finds relief. Best of all – these effortless decorative elements are as useful as they are picturesque. Function and form, unite!

Prep for the party by purchasing here.

Hand Painted Poppy Flower Paper Parasol

This beautifully hand-painted, one-of-a-kind parasol belongs to our Mulberry Paper Parasol collection. The wild-grown Mulberry tree and is sustainable as it re-grows the strips of bark that are collected and sorted by hand to be processed into a sturdy paper, much thicker than rice paper. Both the handle and finial are made with sustainably grown wood and hand-painted with gorgeous gold details.

Mango Orange Balinese Festival Parasol

Carefully crafted by Balinese artisans, our Ikat Festival Parasols traditionally found at festivals and ceremonies add unique glamor to any event. Made with stylish monochrome Ikat fabrics adorned with gilded punched-tin hearts, tassels, beads, and bells, the wood stem and finial feature carved and gilded accents. Each piece includes a carved wooden base, made from sustainably grown wood, ideal for tabletops and centerpieces.

Bambina Pink Premium Paper Parasol

The perfect favor for outdoor weddings and parties, our premium paper parasols are available with a nuanced palette of colors to choose from that match across product lines. Amazingly affordable personal accessories for fashionable outings under the sun, they’re also beautiful for decoration installations and look especially good when backlit.

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