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The Art of Cozy

It’s one thing to see a space that begs for books, conversations, popcorn and movies… we all need that room in our homes. But it’s another to know that the beautiful things that surround you are sourced ethically, are non-toxic and that were made lovingly – not by a machine – but by an artisan who cared enough to make the very last stitch just right.

Our handmade traditional Indian wood-block print textiles are made with environmentally friendly vegetable dyes and then sun dried to ensure perfectly soft, cuddle-friendly cotton.

It feels good… to buy the kinds of products… that make us feel so good, in every way!

Ikat… so sought after, so hard to find and typically soooo expensive. That’s because this nearly lost textile art requires great skill and is very time consuming, and is only practiced in exceptionally far-flung locales. We’re lucky to have stumbled upon a village still practicing the ancient art of ‘warp & weft’ weaving. The distinct patterns that define Ikat textiles are achieved through resist-dyeing the threads before weaving them. The result is a fabric with great depth, bold graphics, and surprisingly modern appeal; truly unlike any other textile.

These colorful throw pillow covers are crafted by hand in Jaipur, India, practicing the centuries old craft of block printing. The traditional patterns we’ve curated are created using a virtual puzzle of hand-carved wooden blocks, the making of which is an art in itself, as an individual block is developed for each color in the design. Just imagine the skill involved! Each block is dipped in a different color and carefully pressed to the fabric. The process is repeated and layered to create the complete pattern. Once finished, the fabrics are laid in the hot Indian sun to dry before being tailored into the beautiful pillow covers you see here.

Featuring ethically sourced artisan designs from far-flung locales, browse a beautiful blue spectrum of handcrafted decor that is sure to add dimension and mood any space. Mix traditional Indian wood block prints, exquisitely woven warp-and-weft Ikat patterns, skillfully batiked wall-hangings, lovely and loveable hand-stitched patchwork quilts and more.

Transform your home with true blue tapestries and wall art. Choose from a variety of styles including hand-stitched patchwork tree of life wall hangings and magical mandala designs that can be used as beach blankets, tablecloths or bedspreads. Many of our tapestries are ideal for outdoor entertaining and celebrations.

From event decor to home adornments, our paper lanterns in a bounty of blues are the perfect ambient lighting choice for any setting. Many Luna Bazaar brides use paper lanterns as a chic way to effortlessly decorate their wedding venue, which is why we’ve been recognized as Martha Stewart Weddings’ Choice for Paper Lanterns. Assembling our paper lanterns is so simple, and we take all the steps to ensure frustration-free decorating for you and your events!

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