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Picnic Al Fresco With Friends

Summer is a season that moves too fast. Booked months ahead with weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and family vacations – the long days and lingering evenings are precious. With so much going on, keeping in touch with dear friends can be tough – unless you make it intentional. Try something celestial, like this Summer Solstice picnic under the light of the Strawberry Full Moon. Today we share tips and tricks for you to draw from, so you can host your own creative celebrations this season. What better way to reconnect than stargazing on summer nights? Find your open-sky locale, check the weather, and get started.

What we used:

Use the buckets to raise the plywood off the ground for a quick & easy dining table! Cover with a table cloth and set your tablescape. Have everyone bring a dish, light some candles and turn up the good vibes!

We chose the beach for this twilight picnic, but a forest clearing, rooftop, backyard or lakeside grassy knoll will also do the trick. For most, this season marks the best period for lounging outdoors – so get out of the house, away from the table, the kitchen, the familiarity of home – and make it a picnic!

the familiarity of home – and make it a picnic!

Almost everyone can appreciate the nostalgia of a good picnic… so bring it back, and do it often.

Easy food.

The key to a successful picnic is finger food – and sharing the responsibility pot-luck style. While salads are nice for summer, the best way to do them is in shishkabob fashion on skewers (chicken, cucumber, pepper, feta, olive, and so on) or in a wrap to avoid the mess. We love the simplicity of expanding crudite to include pre-grilled proteins so that plating is easy and, if a gust of wind comes your way, no leafy disasters! Make assignments for people. Consider unique variations (like vegan ingredients) on rice krispie treats for dessert, as they are no-mess-gluten-free-always-delicious sweetness!

Choose dusk. This is the time of day everyone wants to be out, so start the evening around 5pm to make the most of it. It’s often light until 9pm, so you have a good four hours to drink and be merry – or take a dip in the ocean if you’re inspired. Avoiding high-noon heat in favor of sunsets makes for magic, whether you have three people – or fifteen. The Right Decor. Picnics can feel like a haul – but really all you need are rich, patterned tapestries in the palette of your choice to sprawl out on the sand or grass. This sets the tone. Hold down the edges with rocks or driftwood, add a few throw pillows, possibly a lantern or two – and voila, you’ll feel right out of a magazine!

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Amber Bud Vases

Our painted glass bottles are exemplar bud vases! Reminiscent of antique medicine bottles, we offer them in a variety of colors, styles and sets. Mix and match to create the perfect vintage look for your summer tablescapes.


Tapestries are ideal for layering atop grass, sand or rooftops for the ultimate picnic or beach blanket. Combine with mix-and-match piles of our handcrafted Throw Pillows to maximize comfort and style. Hand wash cold, shade line dry.

Paper Star Lanterns

Our paper star lanterns feature delicate and playful die-cut patterns, pack flat for effortless transport and are easy to assemble. If you’re off the grid, illuminating them with our efficient LEDs will add mystique to your outdoor celebrations.

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