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Packaging. It Matters.

We spend so much time searching, agonizing (or panicking) over gifts. When it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day, there’s so much anxiety over what to do. Are flowers enough? Is gold enough? Is a note enough? Here’s the answer (for anyone still wondering.)

Anything is enough…as long as you do it with style and thoughtfulness. We love the idea of a teeny, tiny love note in one of our Handmade Paper Gift boxes, or the business card of a special restaurant tucked into a Mercury Glass Trinket Box. That element of surprise – the thrill of what we didn’t expect hiding inside some type of beautiful package – is the very essence of love!

We all just want to know someone thought of something… just for us. The fun is in the presentation, from crafty Crepe Paper gift wrapping ideas to the memorabilia of personal experience.

Get creative and make your own paper flowers with our finest quality crepe paper, available in an extensive palette of luxuriously rich colors.

Or take the adorable route and embellish gifts with our easy-to-assemble tissue paper flowers and pom poms.

From cotton and organza to the most exquisite handmade paper you’ve ever seen; these favor bags and gift boxes make the perfect presentation, while being special enough to be gifts themselves!

Approximately 20 X 100 inches. Our premium extra heavy crepe paper is the very finest quality crepe paper available. At 180 gram thickness, this decorative paper feels more like fabric! Made in Italy using age-old methods, it is extremely stretchable and workable, making it ideal for all types of paper crafts.

Hang your lanterns and pom-poms, add a rustic ribbon to your gifts, or add a touch of style to your DIY craft projects with our high quality 4-ply Baker’s Twine! Made in the USA from 100% cotton, this eco-friendly biodegradable twine is fun and versatile, and affordable for any budget!

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