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Lavender Fields Forever…

Some days the energy of this world is positively awesome. With the warmth of the sun and air breezing through your fingertips, as you drive with your hand out the window, all-consuming chills of inspiration remind you: give gratitude.

Days like this you’ll find me in my aviators, plastered with a permanent grin as I cruise along highway 101. There is something so incredibly magical about the central coast of California. The gorgeous balance between northern and southern here is almost indescribable. These stunning horizons where the mountains meet the sea and the desert meets the sky. My enamorment ceases to fade, even in the growing familiarity of each passing day.

I often joke about this silly idea of meeting people in the clouds, particularly when I FaceTime with my darling niece Skye; that contagious child-like-wonderment captivates and inspires me. Seeking out this sense of awe, I set off to explore an unknown route. How often do you go down an unfamiliar road with no destination in mind?

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This weekend I encourage you to get out there on the Summer Solstice. Let this playlist be your soundtrack, pack a picnic and start wandering. You never know where the road may take you…

Picnic essentials: compostable ware & beach blankets.

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Happy Summer!

Additional authorship & editing by Maia Bissette.

Angelina Carrera is the founder of Gypsea Free. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter at GypseaFree.

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