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Lace Parasols as the Ultimate Romantic Wedding Accessory

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Although more and more brides are creating a romantic look in their weddings with paper parasols, lace parasols take the romantic look to a higher level.

For the first time, Luna Bazaar is offering intricate, cotton lace parasols to broaden our selection of parasols. The new lace parasols are available in colors designed to complement current fashion-forward wedding colors. See our lace parasol color offerings below:

Cantaloupe Orange Lace Parasol Turquoise Blue Lace Parasol Kelly Green Lace Parasol Rose Quartz Pink Lace Parasol Ivory White Lace Parasol White Lace Parasol

Use lace parasols for a Vintage, Victorian, or Southern feel. Give one to each bridesmaid, or use only one lace parasol for the bride with rice paper parasols for the bridesmaids. Either way, the atmosphere will be filled with romance!

Lace Parasols for All!

Our lace parasols are 100% cotton lace with a solid 25-inch bamboo stem. The carved wooden handle is also made of bamboo. There is a wooden finial decorating the top, and the under carriage is metal. Each one has a color-coordinated backing to provide additional protection from the sun. The craftsmanship is of a very high quality, as seen in the close-up below:

Matching cotton lace hand fans are also available from Luna Bazaar. The fans are available in the same colors and are made of the same materials as the lace parasols: 100% cotton and bamboo.

Cotton Lace Hand Fan from Luna Bazaar

The popularity of lace parasols was brought home to me a few months ago when I spotted this one outside of a boutique on the North Shore of Boston.

Shop on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA
Photo: D. Thompson, Luna Bazaar.

Lace Parasol on display in Rockport, MA
Photo: D. Thompson, Luna Bazaar.

Lace parasols may also be used at garden tea parties, and in Civil War reenactments. They add to the authenticity of any setting where a reminder of times gone by is desired. However, at a wedding, it doesn’t matter if your theme is Vintage or Modern, lace parasols are the ultimate romantic accessory.

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