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How Do You Decorate When You're Already in Paradise?

In 2004 Khao Lak was the fastest growing tourist destination in Thailand. Work on the Sarojin Resort was progressing. Days before opening, the deadliest killer tsunami in recorded history hit the coast of Thailand on Dec. 26. The resort was destroyed.

The Sarojin is special because every surviving employee was hired back, and helped in the rebuilding of the resort. It opened 8 months after the tsunami. Out of gratitude, the owners of the resort named each room after a member of the staff.

For those of us who are not lucky enough to be sunning on a floating pool deck in Thailand, Cultural Intrigue brings to you our signature lanterns and parasols in our newest color:

Pool Blue

This color was designed exclusively for Cultural Intrigue by our in-house color consultant.

Its closest color neighbor is Turquoise, but Pool Blue is a brighter, purer blue. However, Turquoise is one of our most popular colors, so you can’t wrong with either choice!

As usual, our colors are consistent across product lines.

Paper Fans in Pool Blue.
Paper Lanterns in Pool Blue in various sizes.
Paper Parasols in Pool Blue in generous 32″ size.

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