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Here's to a lovely Autumn Harvest! DIY Place Cards & Silver Plated Holders for Your Holiday Table ~

Hello Everyone! We are getting back into our blogging groove with this wonderfully simple & elegant DIY project: creating beautiful place settings for your holiday feasting! Luna Bazaar Blogger, Stylist & Photographer Maia Rose teamed up with Luna Bazaar Stylist, Photographer & Sales Specialist Kate to inspire your Thanksgiving Table. This clever method is also a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your place card settings at weddings, parties & birthdays. Depending on the text you choose, your hand made place cards in our beautiful Silver Plated Place Card Holders add a festive touch of seasonal décor on mantles, desks, side tables & so much more!

~Harvest Themed Silver Plated Place Card Holders | Styled Photographed by Maia Kate of Luna Bazaar ~

~Harvest Themed Silver Plated Place Card Holders | Styled & Photographed by Maia & Kate of Luna Bazaar ~

A simple way to make make lovely place cards {without having to learn calligraphy} ~
What you will need:
~ A computer featuring a collection of your favorite fonts & a program that will position the text you would like to use on your place cards.~ Access to a Printer
~ High quality Resumé Paper
~ A Metal Ruler
~ Designers Gouache or Water Colors & A Small Gauge Round Watercolor Paint Brush
(size 1 or 2)~ A selection of lovely Place Card HoldersBegin by making a list of the words, names, or table numbers that you would like to feature on the place cards. We compiled a list of words that we thought would best convey the celebratory joys of the fall & winter seasons. Open the program you would like to use that can access & position the font(s) you would like to feature on your place cards (we used Photoshop Elements). Create a new 8.5 x 11 document to work on. Name & save your document. Choose the font you would like to use (we use one of our favorite curvy script fonts) and set the font to the desired size. Set the font color to a very light grey; a tone dark enough to read, but light enough not to show through water based paint.

Type your text onto separate line or layers, then format or place them towards the center of the page.

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