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Festival Fancy

Who doesn’t love a safari-inspired canvas tent, complete with cozy linens, draped in colorful tapestries and topped off with a worldly collection of throw pillows? You can make any campsite fabulous with the right decor, whether you’re rocking the teepee or an instant gazebo.

All of the upcoming summer festivals have us thinking about Glamping and how to create a traveling bohemian paradise – no matter which beach, desert, forest or field you find yourself in.

Luna Bazaar stylist Angelina Carrera channeled her Coachella experience to create this free-spirited Glampsite. Using a warm palette with pops of purples and blues, she mixed and matched across product lines to transform the space into a perfect spot to vibe with your tribe.

Here’s to high style in the rough!

Combine worldly patterns

Layering textiles is a staple of interior design no matter what your style, but when you go boho it’s time to get wild! Combine worldly patterns, textures and colors to compose your own cozy retreat. Angelina matched a selection of mirrored embroidery and hand-block printed throw pillows to arrange atop our Deesa Mandala Tapestry, using blue as the accent to a red and orange theme.

Guide your tribe

Lighting is key when designing an atmosphere, even without electricity. Guide your tribe and illuminate the Glampground with lanterns, Fairy Lights and flickering candles. Don’t worry, if open flame is an issue we offer some convincing alternatives.

Dancing after dark?

Our paper lanterns come in a dazzling assortment of shapes, sizes and colors that pair with hundreds of our other products, pack flat and are easy to assemble. Angelina matched a palette of 8 inch Premium Lanterns to her textiles, illuminating them with our efficient LEDs (dancing after dark? Accessorize with these!), then hung them sprightly from a nearby tree.

Made in the shade

Complete your look and protect your skin! You’ll be made in the shade with one of our lightweight parasols made from rice paper and bamboo. Choose from a stylish selection of colors including neutrals and earth tones! You’ll be playing cool while staying cool with this fast growing trend in festival fashion.

Set the mood

Embellish your area with the magic of candlelight nested in our vibrant candleholders (rad for picnic tables, too). These Capiz-Shell tea-light holders are made with natural shell from the windowpane oyster. Each piece of shell is hand-cut and bordered with gold or silver foil for an exotic look. Set the mood and settle in with these beautifully translucent, colorful, lightweight designs for a relaxed recess between the sets of your fave artists.

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