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Design Spotlight: Bandannas

What a pleasant surprise – that someone went crazy with bandannas at Martha Stewart Living, just as we received our shipment of new bandanna lanterns. The bandanna story is in the print version of the magazine. Sorry I can’t provide a link to it, but I can describe some of bandanna ideas they came up with.

The first one that caught my eye was this collection of bandannas, each with a different pattern, used as a wall covering. Very striking!

What else can you do with bandannas?
Sew them together to make a table cloth.
Make patterned picture frames with bandanna scraps.
Use them at the table for place mats and napkins.
Cover a birdcage.
Make a clothespin bag.
Hang one as a curtain in a small window.
Cover a lampshade.

It seems the more bandannas you use, the better it looks. Is that true of other patterns? I don’t think so. It must be because the bandanna itself follows strict design rules: it must be square, the design may only consist of two colors – white and the background color, the pattern has four corners and fits the size and shape of the bandanna.

Lady Gaga Gets in on the Bandanna Trend too.

Is Lady Gaga setting the trend or following the trend here? On Friday (6/24) She was on the David Letterman show, wearing a jacket and no clothes beneath it, On her head, wrapped around a huge ponytail wig was a black and white bandanna.

We must take a closer look at this!

The bandanna is cute, but what was she trying to accomplish with that eye make-up?
Our bandanna pattern lanterns come in refreshing summer party colors.
They’re hand-printed using wood-blocks.

Not only that, but our square bandanna lanterns match our bandanna design pillow covers. More to come on that topic… Have a great, sunny week. (no more rain!)

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