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Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting Party Ideas

Traditional Papel Picado Decorations for Cinco De Mayo celebrations.

Cinco de Mayo is less than two weeks away! Arriba, Arriba! Ándale mi amigos! We have a tequila tasting to plan! With this festive holiday right around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to host either a night with friends or a couples’ get together to taste the fabulous flavors of Mexico!

For my Cinco De Mayo tequila tasting, I chose to source four different, but primary types of tequila. This works out great because I have four confirmed guests: my nearest, dearest girlfriends. Similar to a wine club, we all bring a bottle of a certain varietal so we can sample and discuss. The host provides the food and the guests bring the drinks! I assigned each of my guests a bottle to purchase, each within a $20 price range. I will be making some traditional guacamole, chicken & beef tacos, plus mint and pineapple smoothies to cleanse the palate {yummmm}.

I plan to create an authentic atmosphere with beautiful Papel Picado folk-art decorations. Then, when everyone is feeling pretty good, I’m going to bust out some sombreros and mariachi music… to keep the celebration fun & lighthearted.

Set the mood with our Papel Picado Multicolor Mexican Party Banner!

If you’d rather not do dishes, use compostable bamboo serve ware in celebration of Earth Day {because, let’s face it, EVERY day should be Earth Day!}.  Not only is it convenient and environmentally friendly, it’s also a really adorable aesthetic.

In this divinely chaotic life, take a moment to stop and smell the blooming roses ~ or on May 5th ~ stop and taste the tequila!

If you are interested in learning more about the types of tequila I’ve selected, below is a brief description of each type of tequila I’ll be serving.

Tequila Blanco ~ Also referred to as White or Silver, this clear, young tequila is generally bottled right after distillation, yet some producers prefer to “rest” the Tequila for a few weeks in storage tanks before doing so. Tequila Blanco is commonly recognized, as it is the type most often used in cocktails. Ranging from the cheapest raw spirit to the refined top shelf selections, the mid to higher end of Blanco holds the potential to enhance your margaritas, so don’t be afraid to get a little fancy with your mixed drinks, and we always recommend making them from scratch!

Tequila Joven – Tequila Joven, or Gold, looks like an aged drink but is actually a young tequila as well, to which the bottler has added coloring agents and/or flavorings. Some of these coloring agents include oak tree extracts, caramel coloring, etc. They can be made from 100% Agave but are more commonly made with mixes. Similar to Tequila Blanco, these tequilas have a range of qualities and most often used in mixed drinks.

Tequila Reposado – Now we get to the aged tequilas. Reposado, or rested, tequilas must be aged in wood barrels for a minimum of two months but no more than twelve months. Similar to whiskey, the type of wood used imparts a different flavor and color profile to the finished product. And while no one can guarantee a Reposado will be better, bottlers won’t take the time and expense to age lower-quality tequilas in this or the other aged categories.

Tequila Anejo – Anejo means ‘vintage’, and this hints at the care and quality of the drink. Anejo tequilas must be aged in oak barrels less than 600 liters for a minimum of one year. Typically, they’re aged between one and three years. These are usually darker in color, smoother in flavor, and more complex and nuanced than Reposado tequilas. We’re solidly into sipping tequilas now; best served neat in a snifter rather than in a shot glass with a chaser of lime and salt.

Remember, we would love to see photos of your Fiesta’s, always! Be sure to #LunaBazaarDecor when you post your pics!

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