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Are cliché marriage proposals simply sentimental?

These days most future fiance’s strive to be unique in their proposals, but for those who lack in creativity there are some traditional standby’s to fall back on. As commonplace & corny as these ideas may seem, I imagine most proposers go about them in their own way.

Photo by Daniel Moyer Photography via

Amanda Black of The Knot reveals the top 10 most cliched proposals just dripping with romantic cheese. Let us know what you think… are these approaches still tried & true? Or do you find they’ve turned stale with their typical tunes?
Bear in mind that the best proposals will suit the personality of whomever is being proposed to. Consider the elements that inspire you… which places and what seasons will ignite the dynamic of your love? Try to think of thoughtful ways to reveal your devotion & make it personal, (even if it isn’t entirely original).

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