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Medium White Vietnamese Silk Lantern, Garlic Umbrella Shaped

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These Vietnamese Silk Lantern in a garlic umbrella shape are made from 100% Brocade silk fabric with weave designs stretched over a high-quality metal frame. These Silk Lanterns look beautiful for any event or stage setting and are meant to bring good fortune.

Product Details:

Main Lantern Width: 14.5 Inches.
Main Lantern Length: 18.75 Inches.
Handle Length: 5 Inches.
Tassel Length: 8.75 Inches.
Collapsed Dimensions (Inches, Width x Length): 14.5 W x 32.5 L.
Color: White.
Shape: Garlic.
Top Opening Dimensions: 2.5 inches wide.
Lighting?: Lighting Not Included - Please see our Single Socket Cord Kits selection.
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