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Scallop Patio Metal Light Bulb Shade for Outdoor Commercial String Lights, E12, Black

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Protect your patio string light bulbs from the elements and other hazards with our decorative Metal Bulb Shade Covers! Not only will these help prevent breakage, you will add to the visual appeal bulbs like the industrial vintage style edison are renowned for. The historic Edison shape and designs of our Edison Bulbs matched with our cages will bring the nostalgic atmosphere you are looking for in a modern space or Wedding ceremony. We will have matching Vintage and Antique Lamp Sockets and Cord Kits available for your next home decorating, event decorating and party lighting projects

We also have more Light Bulbs available for your lighting needs.

Product Details:

Shape: Round Scallop
Dimensions: Approx. 4.5 Inches in Diameter with 5/8 inch Opening
Base: Bulbs with E12 C7 Base.
* Light Bulb and String Light/ Light Cord Sold Separately * 
Color: Black.
Check out our compatible Fantado E12 OUT-Series Outdoor Commercial String Lights for the best fit.

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