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CLOSEOUT Marquee Light Number '7' LED Metal Sign (8 Inch, Battery Operated)

These vintage-like marquee number glamour lights are professionally made and are extremely popular as 3D room decoration and event signage. Each battery powered number is made of heavy, solid metal and can be hung (has keyhole slot in back for easy hanging) on walls, placed on top of a reception tables or even on mantels. Our illuminated marquee lights are portable and highly versatile. They measure 8 inches tall, 2 inches thick, and will take 2x AA batteries so they are not required to be placed near an outlet.

Product Details:

Shape: Number '7'.
Height: 8 Inches.
Thickness: 2 Inches.
Light Bulb Type: LED (Energy Saving).
Light Bulb Size: 0.5 Inch.
Color: White.
Display Options: Keyhole slot for hanging or can be placed on any flat surface.
Material: Painted Metal with Smooth Finish.
Batteries Required: Each Marquee requires 2x
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