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28 Inch Beige / Ivory Lace Cotton Fabric Bamboo Parasol Umbrella

Paper Parasols also known as Paper Umbrellas aren't just great to help block the sun and provide your guests with needed shade but also offer a beautiful and fun way to dress up any Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, Baby Shower or any Special Event space. We offer these NEW Lace Cotton Fabric Parasols that create that uniquely beautiful and delicate ambiance which is traditionally representative of wealth and royalty.

Built from Bamboo and Lace Cotton Fabric, these are a great "Green" decorating choice and can be hung upside-down as decoration too. These 28" sizes are perfect for Teens and Young Adults. Add LED Lights or String Lights and you'll have a DIY Umbrella light. Transform a plain-looking ceiling into an extravagant piece of art by floating them above Table Decor, hanging them from tents or use them as a table Centerpiece.

Guest and kids will love these as Wedding Favors or as DIY Paper Parasol backdrops.

Product Specifications:

Color: Beige / Ivory.
Diameter: 28" D.
Length, Top to Bottom: 21" L
Materials: Lace Cotton Fabric, Bamboo.
Covered Center Hub: Covered Center Top/Hub.
Best Size For: Teens.
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