As the premier online source of paper parasol umbrellas, Luna Bazaar features high-quality parasols made of rice paper which allows our artisans to create subtle, signature colors unique to Luna Bazaar. Each parasol is strung by hand using cotton string and bamboo, and no metal parts are used on our parasols. Luna Bazaar parasols are unique because of a longer bamboo stem and carved wooden handle, designed to fit with the hand, and each parasol is fitted with a paper cover for the finial at the top, bringing sophistication and elegance.

Many of our Luna Bazaar parasols serve as fashion accessories, sun protection, gift favors, and decorations, and Luna Bazaar offers a variety of style options. Shapes, including round, scalloped, and square, can be selected to fit any stylish whim, and you can select your parasol from a variety of designs including hand painted, printed, and solid color options. Every Luna Bazaar parasol is made from material of exceptional quality, including Mulberry paper, Battenburg lace, and premium paper.

Luna Bazaar parasols are inspired by different cultures from around the world. Several of our parasols are influenced by the Balinese Festival, and our parasol options also include a henna design inspired by Thailand and a Cherry Blossom design, unique to the Chinese culture.

Bring a vintage feel to your home through a Luna Bazaar parasol umbrella. With countless options available, a Luna Bazaar parasol is perfect for you.

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