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Waterproof LED Lights

Our assortment of waterproof LED lights is a cost effective way to dramatically transform any area in your home or venue. Submersible lights come in many colors and styles such as floral vase lights, tea lights, micro fairy lights, flexible light strips and more. There are many unique ways to decorate with waterproof lights such as adding floral lights to vases, placing tea lights in your outdoor fountain or water feature, and lining the edge of your pool, pathways and garden with flexible LED light strips. For your convenience, our floral lights are activated by a wireless remote control so all you have to do is point the remote within range and light up your flower arrangements and table centerpieces. The remote allows you to select from 13 colors, brightness intensities, and fade/jump behaviors. In addition to illuminating your tables, place a few colorful LED lights under the ice in your beverage tub. Guests will marvel at your creativity.
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