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Sandalwood Fans

Sandalwood is a light and airy material that makes it ideal for creating hand fans. The intricate carved panels of the sandalwood hand fans from the Luna Bazaar make these fans special and beautiful. Not only is sandalwood light and airy, but it also makes a wonderful material for hand fans because of its naturally pleasant scent that is often used for aromatherapy. These fans make wonderful party decorations as well as wedding and party favors. Hand them out to your guests to provide a way to cool off in the hot sun or in a crowded indoor event space with poor air circulation.

Our sandalwood fans come in either 8-inch or 9-inch sizes. They come in their beautiful, natural wood finish. This shows off their excellent craftsmanship and keeps most of the scent of the wood intact. Shop the Luna Bazaar's entire selection of hand fans and choose your favorite today. We offer silk fans, paper fans, wedding program fans, lace fans and more. We also guarantee our low prices and ship your orders out the next day
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