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Electrical AC Plug-In String Lights

Available in many shapes, styles, colors and sizes, LED string lights easily transform any area inside your home and out with a festive glow. Our LED lights are energy efficient and produce a brighter, more vibrant light with more safety value. Easy to use, these versatile decorative lighting sources are what wedding and party planners rely on to create romantic lighting at wedding venues, college students use to brighten up their industrial-looking dorm rooms, and homeowners use to decorate their patios. Once reserved for use only during the holiday season, LED string lighting can now be used endless ways throughout the year. Some of our favorite uses include lighting the path of your walkway to your front door with LED rope, or using tubing to spell a word out such as "love" or "joy". To recreate a star-filled sky, drape rows of white fairy lights above your bed or for a whimsical pop of color, frame you headboard with multi-color changing LED micro fairy string lighting. LED paper lantern strings lights serve double duty as a lighting source and decorative accent for weddings, parties and other social occasions. From decorating your house during the holidays to transforming your bedroom into a serene sanctuary and creating a focal point in your backyard, LED string lighting has the power to do it all.
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