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Ornamental Lights

Decorating your house with lights always garners lots of smiles and attention, but when you showcase your home with special-effect lights, you're entering a new realm of awesomeness. Our assortment of color-changing lights includes ornament balls, meteor snowfall light tubes, icicle rain tubes and more. Create the illusion of falling snow or a meteor shower by hanging LED meteor snowfall light tubes from branches, ceilings, railings and more. Choose white, blue, pink and multi-color options. They can be used indoor or outdoor and are available in battery-operated or AC powered versions. Our color-changing ornament balls are the modern take on a classic. Each pack of lights comes with a remote control allowing you to change the color of each ball to match your color scheme. In addition to the constant mode, the remote also includes fading and flashing modes. Not just for the holiday season, these brightly-hued orbs can also be used throughout the year to add a glistening touch to any event.
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