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Remote Operated LED Tea Light Candles

Use remote controlled LED tea light candles to light your space without the safety issues of an open flame, fumes or melting wax. The LED candles available from the Luna Bazaar are remote controlled and battery-operated. You can buy a single candle or sets of multiple. Indoor LED candles are made to look more decorative with multiple colors and realistic dripping wax. If you need to light an outdoor space, flameless outdoor candles are durable and weather resistant.

Place your battery-operated candles on tables, nightstands, countertops and more. They're perfect for use at a home, business, restaurant, party, wedding or other event. The remote control makes them especially easy to use by allowing you to turn them on and off from a distance. Multiple candles can also be operated with one remote control. These flameless candle tea lights also get excellent battery life and last for hours on one set of batteries. Most LED candles operate on AAA batteries.
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