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Gemstone Vase Filler

At Luna Bazaar, we have an abundance of gemstones geared both for weddings and general use, including in your own home. Available in a ¾ lb. bag, these beautiful clear gems come in every conceivable color, from lavender, blue, and red to yellow, black, pink, teal, and more. So many creative options exist, such as getting acrylic gems for vases, spreading them on the tables where your guests will dine, or in the display window of your business. With acrylic gemstones, it's easy and inexpensive to add sparkle. Let your creativity be your guide, and let Luna Bazaar provide the goods. Our merchandise is high-quality, and so is our commitment to service and low prices. Your order will receive fast, next-day processing, so you will promptly have it in hand.
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