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(Discontinued) 8" Royal Purple Tissue Paper Flower Rosette Fan Decoration (6 Pack)

8" Purple Tissue Paper Pinwheel Hanging Flower-like Decoration (6 Pack)

Our Tissue Paper Pinwheel Decorations are a great way to decorate any room, wall, ceiling, window display, doorway, table, patio area, or backyard to create an affordable, fun and festive environment. Use our paper pin wheels for any party, celebration, or festive event like Weddings, birthday parties, graduations and holiday gatherings. Get creative with either 8" or 12" diameter (opened) sizes and mix-and-match with a variety of bright colors to create that awesome decor. They can be hanged, used as favors, or as crafts for kids. Our lovely tissue paper pinwheels are sold in a pack of 6. Our pinwheel flowers come flat packed, so you will simply have to take the pinwheel out and fan them open like an accordion to create the lovely hanging tissue paper pinwheel. You can hang the pin wheel with either fishing line, bakers twine, or ribbon.

Product Details:
Quantity: 6 pieces
Dimension: 8" diameter (when opened)
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