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CLOSEOUT Submersible LED 13-Color Waterproof Floral Vase Lights w/ Remote Controls (RGB) (4 Pack)

Submersible LED 13-Color Waterproof Floral Flower Vase Light Base Discs w/ Remote Controls (RGB) (4 Pack)

Need to illuminate your floral decorations with color? Luna Bazaar's 13-color waterproof LED vase container lights are fully submersible and controlled with the included wireless remote. Each fairy nest can stay under water and comes in a pack of 4 discs and 2 remotes with each disc being only 2.75" wide and less than 1" thick. Our lighting base is perfect for flowers at Colors: 13 Individual Colors.
Waterproof / Submersible?: Yes, fully waterproof. (Remote is not.)
Remote Functions: 13-Colors, On/Off, Fade, Jump, Brightness, Reset.
Package Includes: 4x Vase Light Bases + 4 Wireless Remote Controls. Each Remote can control multiple Vase Lights.
Batteries: Each Vase Light uses 3x AAA batteries, which are not included. Each remote use 2x AG10 cell batteries, which are included.
Does it Sink?: Yes, we recommend installing 3x AAA alkaline batteries to ensure the vase light sinks to the bottom of container. You can install lighter copper-zinc batteries if you want the vase light to float.

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