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LANTERN + CORD + BULB | 23" Red Moravian Weatherproof Star Lantern Light Lamp, Multi-Point Hanging Decoration

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11FT White Cord
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15FT Black Cord
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25FT Black Cord

Full Weatherproof solution with LunaBazaar's hand-crafted Plastic Star Lantern and Outdoor Cord KIT! This COMBO includes the most durable weatherproof Star Lantern decoration + Shatterproof LED bulb available anywhere. Freezing rain, sleet, snow and even the hot sun won't have an affect on this weatherproof star lantern and cord. These Stars fold flat for easy storage and are beautiful as a home decor accessory or as an outdoor Wedding decoration. Included lighting means you can focus on making your home, party, or event really beautiful & memorable!

What's in the Package: Plastic Star Lantern, Outdoor Rated Cord, and Shatterproof LED Filament Light Bulb
Lantern Dimensions: 19" Height x 23" Width.  
Design: Moravian 
Material: Heavy-Duty Plastic - Polypropylene (0.3MM thick) 
Lighting: Included! Weatherproof Pendant Lamp Cord, LED Filament Light Bulb, Hanging Screw Hook, Hanging Screw Hook Anchor 
Product Specifications for Cord: 
# of Sockets: 1
Socket Type/Size: Standard Candelabra E12 
Cord Length: Available 11FT, 15FT, and 25FT Lengths
Suitable Environment: All Outdoor Conditions
Light Bulb: Shatterproof LED Filament Globe Light Bulb Included 
Bulb Wattage: 1-Watt Energy Saving (Equivalent to 11-Watt)
Power Connection: AC Plug-In 
Voltage: 120V

Some Assembly Required.
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