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CLOSEOUT 4.75" Beige Decorative Taj Hurricane Candle Lantern

4.75" Beige Decorative Taj Hurricane Candle Lantern

This Taj Hurricane Candle Lantern is inspired with the world famous Taj Mahal of India. It is made from metal and comes in numerous colors. It has 6 clear glass windowpanes that were accentuated with beautiful lace cutouts. The roof is similar with Taj Mahal?s structural design with tear drop shaped cutouts on its roof creating flower-like symbols.

Its elegant design makes it a good decorative candle holder. It will add beauty on your table setting, room & patio decorations. While you can use it as a table top tealight candle holder, its loop gives you the choice to use it as hanging hurricane candle lantern.

Our Flameless LED candles will complement this hurricane lantern. With imagination, fairy lights and flowers will look beautiful inside.

Product Details:

Color: Beige .
Dimensions: 3"D x 6"H (Handle to Base).
Dimensions: 3"D x 4.75"H (Cover to Base).
Material: Metal with 6 Glass Windows.
Table Top Candle Holder: Yes.
Hanging Hurricane Lantern:Q:Q Yes.
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