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CLOSEOUT 7" Bloom Shaped Crochet Lace Doilies Placemats, Handmade Cotton - Roseate (2 PACK)

This is our handmade 7" bloom shaped crochet doily in roseate. This doily is made from 100% cotton and adds style to your everyday tabletops. Use our doilies for every DIY craft projects, we have included a few photos to show you the different ideas we created with our cotton doilies. Our creative staff here at Luna Bazaar has created a fruit bowl and a doily garland with some fabric stiffener. The ideas are endless, but this gives you some ideas of how to use doilies besides using them as everyday table placemats.

Product Details:

Size: 7"D
Color: Roseate
Material: 100% Cotton
Quantity: 2 Pieces
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